My illustrations have central themes of animals, pattern, and bright colours. These three components are things that make both myself and most other people feel happy.  I use specific types of pattern to describe texture, often basing fuzzy animals off of round shapes and scaley creatures off of angular ones.


Handsome Beast

11” x 14” - Ink on Paper

The Brain

In April 2016, Tristan, a scientist specializing in Nano-science living in Australia, reached out to me with the idea of adapting my patterning techniques illustrating a brain. I was beyond excited to take on the interesting project, the idea was so different from anything I had drawn before! Watch the video documenting the creative process, from black line work to stippled colour, and every dot or line made in between. I am SO happy with how this piece turned out! I hope you are enjoying The Brain, Tristan!


Skyline Triptych 

My family nicknamed me "a ray of sunshine" at a young age, but my appreciation for the sky has never been limited to the day star.  In this triptych composed of skyline faces I combined my illustrative techniques with my love for mandalas.  The original drawings are titled Sleepy Sunset, Constellations, and Moon Beams.


What Big Ears You Have

Influenced by an excerpt from the Grimm Brother’s tale Little Red-Cap: "Just look at the beautiful flowers which grow around you; why do you not look about you?” The patterns of flowers and butterflies to symbolize the sweet little girl he ate. Mainly consisting of dark greys, the fiery red glow of the wolf’s eyes give a sinister affect. The accent colours both contrast the deep greys and pay homage to Little Red-Cap and the path-side temptations. Watch the video here!

Dandy Lion

A happy, handsome fellow with flowers flowing through his mane. Dandy Lion was one of my first times documenting and sharing the process video of my illustrations.