“We recently moved into an open concept apartment with very high ceilings, leaving large blank spaces throughout. We commissioned Emilie to create a large and complex piece that could inject life into the entire room. Her painting titled “Swell” has transformed a dull white wall into the focal point of our living space, often instigating discussion and wonder from guests when they visit. The vibrant swoops and deep pastiche of colours form an elegant trance that I never tire of looking at.”

- Anonymous Buyer

“Emilie, this Mandala is insane!! I love the colours and the shape coming out of the canvas! You express a lot in your work and it is amazing that you to share it with the world!”

-Eve B.

Emilie’s abstract paintings transport the viewer to an ethereal place. The colours, the depth, the movement in her paintings take me out of my immediate surroundings. There is an elemental nature to her abstracts such as are seen in astronomical images from outer space of stars forming. To stop and focus on one of her paintings is fascinating and calming. There is so much going on that they draw a person in until somebody or something breaks the spell, and then it’s back to reality — but you feel better than before.

-Kevin J.

"Emilie, we are gob-smacked. It's unbelievable. You are amaaaaazing!!!! A truly amazing piece of work. We just love it, and can't wait to give it as a gift for Christmas. Thank you so so much."

-Cathy S.

Emilie has so many different styles in her art. Her mesmerizing abstracts have such depth, movement and intense colour that draw you in. Her intricate mandalas are incredible- so precise and detailed that they keep your attention as you discover more and more in each piece. Her many styles of animal drawings bring a smile to your face, whether it is a beloved pet or another of nature’s creatures that has caught Emilie’s eye.

-Sarah J.

“The fine details you put into each piece is incredible! I love that you use patterns in your art, and that they enhance the final image. Magnificent!”

-Evan B.

"Wow!!! Is all I can say, our piece arrived and it is absolutely amazing!!! You have such an incredible talent. We have it hanging where Sydney always slept."

-Kristen O.

"Oh my! This brought a tear to my eye, it looks amazing. You are so talented, thank you so much!!!!"

-Carrie S.

“Emilie, your art work is amazing! It's so inspiring to see all of the detail and how long that must have taken. You have so much talent!”