ODE  - University of Ottawa Graduation Exhibition

Ode showcased the work of forty-three emerging artists united in the context of the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. The exhibition was the product of four years of study and experimentation for the diverse group of students, transforming the department’s four-storey building into a gallery space for the annual event. 



When looking at Fungus (2016) the viewer is invited to sit in front of the canvas.  By sitting on the bench the forced perspective elongates the painting, making the fungal patterns appear larger than in reality.


The Space

In The Space (2016) I transport the viewer by creating an entirely new environment within the solitary or dually shared space.  The viewer’s senses of sight and hearing are affected by the painted walls, shifting light, and continuous audio. 



In my abstract works I aim to create an overall sensation for the viewer, whether it be by scale, distortion, or immersion. The scale of the page in Growing (2015) creates a sense of wild overgrowth; the viewer is surrounded by layers of vegetation, ink splatters, and patterns.